History Society

Project Purley

Project Purley is the local history society for Purley on Thames in the Royal County of Berkshire.

Project Purley was founded in 1982 by merging three groups, Transcribing Parish Registers, Natural History and Archaeology at the Church. We have a regular programme of talks on the 3rd Friday of each month from September to April and outings and visits in May, June and July. Our main social activities are a BBQ in July and a Christmas Party in December. Each year we sponsor performances by the Rain or Shine Theatre Company which raise money for local good causes.

East Ilsley Local History Society

The East Ilsley Local History Society has built up a varied membership base with followers as far as Lincolnshire, Aberdeen and even Australia. A detailed history of East Ilsley has been collated over a number of years and has been published into a booklet costing £2. 

With a membership base of 40 people at a cost of £3 per year, it is a popular group to join. If you would like to become a member of the East Ilsley Local History Society please contact the Parish Council for further information or visit the website.

Bucklebury History Group

The group primarily exists to promote, research and document the history of Bucklebury form the earliest times to the 21st Century and share findings with all those who are interested. We have oral recodings of memories of parishioners, and old photographs as well as the Bucklebury History database.

Berkshire Local History Association

The  Berkshire Local History Association (BLHA) was founded in 1976 to encourage interest in local history in the county, both before and after the 1974 boundary changes.  This includes education and training, research, and publication.

It provides a common meeting-ground for individual members, the various local history societies and groups within the county, and the professionals working in archives, museums, and education.