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The aim of the Forum is to encourage heritage and history groups to come together and share activities, events and experience. The Committee normally meets regularly through the year, with an Annual General Meeting in spring or early summer, and at least one other annual event which can be an Open Day, a Local Listing Panel, talks or seminars, or another group event. However, during the coronavirus pandemic, all meetings had to be suspended. As the 2020 and 2021 AGMs were postponed, the joint AGM to cover 2020-2022 was held at 7pm on Wednesday 23rd February at the Thatcham Bowling Club off Brownsfield Road.  

Currently the Forum is involved with updating the Historic Environment Action Plan (HEAP), with the Local Listing of heritage assets throughout West Berkshire, and with the District Council's Conservation Area Appraisals process. It has also created a template for a Blue Plaque process which has been made available to Parish Councils. A Local Listing Panel was held in August 2021, with four heritage assets going forwards for consultation - these were approved in May 2022 https://info.westberks.gov.uk/locallist  The Forum welcomes contact by Parish Councils and local societies with suggestions for Local Listing, and it is hoped a Panel will be held in September 2022. Training for Conservation Area Appraisals is going ahead with several parishes in West Berkshire.