Local Listing Panel Recommendations - Consultation

Of the five submissions put forward in August, four were recommended by the Panel to go forward for Listing. They are:

Baseball Seating and Scoreboard at Diamond Playing Field, Greenham

St Gabriel's Convent Chapel, Cold Ash

The Dell, Lindens, Upper Bucklebury

Georgian Water Pump, Linear Park, Calcot

A consultation is running and will close on 20th January. members of the public may make representations in support of or against the recommendations.

Local Listing Panel 23rd August 1-4pm

A Local Listing Panel will be held on 23rd August at The Old Bluecoat School, Chapel Street, Thatcham RG18 4QN. Numbers may be limited in line with Government guidelines.

To be considered: Alec McCurdy's workshop at Woodland Leaves, Cold Ash; St Gabriel's Convent Chapel, Cold Ash; The baseball scoreboard and bleachers at the John Mello(w) Field (The Diamond) Greenham; The Dell, Bucklebury; and the Georgian water pump, Linear Park, Holybrook.

For more information on the Local List of Heritage Assets see West Berkshire Coucnil website:

Sandham Memorial Chapel reopens

The exhibition and chapel building at Sandham Memorial Chapel will reopen to visitors on 20th May. The orchard and gardens are open Thursday to Sunday. If you wish to visit the Chapel you will need to book in advance, tickets are released every Friday and visitors should book by 3pm on the day before their visit.

For more information and to book tickets please go online:

Archaeology at Greenham

Since October 2020, Thames Valley Archaeological Services have been excavating at a site at Greenham. Initially little archaeology was expected, but a wealth of features, including roundhouses and Roman artefacts and a burial have been found. The site has been occupied from the Bronze Age.

More information is available on the TVAS website:

BALH Ten minute talks

The British Association for Local History has released a series of ten minute talks on historical subjects which may interest the general public. These have now been expanded and include the Basingstoke 'Grand Reformation Times' Bazaar of 1903, The Royal British Legion - Telling Our Story, An introduction to Wills for Local Historians, and Crockford's Flock, Priest and Parish in a Wiltshire Village, amongst others. Have a browse. The talks are available as video recordings on the BALH website: