Local Listing

A Local List is a list of heritage assets within the District considered by the public, and council, as having a special local architectural, archaeologocal or historic interest, but which are not statutorily listed. The heritage assets incuded in the Local List are considered to be of significance to the local community and to contribute to the environmental and cultural history of the District. 

In September 2012 West Berkshire Council approved the Local Listing process created by the Heritage Forum, and since that date several Local Listing Panels have been held to review submissions and decide on entries for West Berkshire's Local List of Heritage Assets. There are now over 20 heritage assets on the Local List with the most recent being added in December 2017. Locally Listed assets are also added to the West Berkshire Heritage Environment Record (HER).

Currently (June 2019) there is a consultation runing on the most recent submissions.

More information about the process and the Adopted Local List can be found here:


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