A local history group for Aldermaston Village. The Aldermaston History Group was founded in February 2018 with funds left over from the village celebrations for the Queen’s 90th birthday. As part of these celebrations a group of enthusiasts had put together an exhibition of local history in the Parish Hall in June 2017 and they all agreed that the leftover funds should support a project to create a village digital archive. The archive is now online at the Group's Digital archive website. Information about the Group itself can be found on the group website.


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The Battlefields Trust aims to:

  • Save battlefields from destruction by motorways, housing developments etc.
  • Provide a range of battlefield-related activities and information, including the quarterly journal 'Battlefield', battlefield walks and conferences
  • Liase with local and national organisations to preserve battlefields for posterity
  • Improve the interpretation and presentation of battlefields

West Berkshire is part of the Mercia Region.

The Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust (BBOWT) is the foremost local organisation protecting wildlife and enhancing iconic landscapes in these three counties. We look after eighty nature reserves, speak up for wildlife and inspire thousands of children to discover the joys of the natural world. We are one of 47 Wildlife Trusts working across the UK.


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Hasker House, Woolley Firs
Cherry Garden Lane
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The Berkshire Archaeological Society was founded in 1871. The Society exists to explore, care and promote the Heritage Environment of the past and present County of Berkshire. This will also therefore include those parts of Berkshire which became parts of other counties in 1974. The Historic Environment includes the archaeology, culture, history and architecture of the county.

Everyone with an interest in archaeology is welcome to join the Society.


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The Berkshire Archaeology Research Group (BARG) is a voluntary group dedicated to investigating the archaeology of the county of Berkshire. The Group welcomes anybody who is interested in archaeology.


Gill Holmes
48 Hawkesbury Drive
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Berkshire Family History Society aims to meet the needs of those researching into family history across the UK and overseas - as well as those with Berkshire ancestors

You don't need to have Berkshire ancestors to benefit...

...nor do you need to live in Berkshire

 Contacts are for the Newbury Branch.


Reg Ward
BFHS Research Centre
Yeomanry House, 131 Castle Hill
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The Berkshire Gardens Trust promotes the enjoyment and care of our garden heritage so historically-important parks and gardens will be there for future generations to discover.  We run lectures and garden visits for our members to appreciate the county’s stunning designed landscapes.

The Berkshire Geoconservation Group is a volunteer group which works with local authorities, landowners and the general public to safeguard our special landscape for future generations and to promote understanding of its geology and geodiversity.

We designate sites of significance within the county so that these can be conserved and enhanced where appropriate.

Secretary: Lesley Dunlop

Membership Secretary: Elaine Butler


Elaine Butler
Berkshire Geoconservation Group
127 Queen Emma's Dyke
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Berkshire Industrial Archaeology Group (BIAG) is a group for anyone interested in industrial archaeology, especially those who live or work in the English county of Berkshire. The Group aims to encourage a wider appreciation of industrial archaeology and act as a stimulant to the study of the area's industrial heritage.

Secretary, Jo Alexander-Jones

The  Berkshire Local History Association (BLHA) was founded in 1976 to encourage interest in local history in the county, both before and after the 1974 boundary changes.  This includes education and training, research, and publication.

It provides a common meeting-ground for individual members, the various local history societies and groups within the county, and the professionals working in archives, museums, and education.

Secretary: Jo Alexander-Jones