Heritage Open Days - Reministory

Reministory is a project which has been in development since well before the pandemic. Many residents of Shaw cum Donnington have lived in the villages all their lives. Their stories are part of the heritage that we want to share as we welcome many new parishioners coming to live in the Donnington Valley.

Stories rather than stones are also the bedrock of the digital Heritage Trail from Shaw Village and St Mary's Church to Donington Castle that is now under construction. The Heritage Trail moves through more than a millennia of local historical buildings, including the Conservation Area for Church Road and its immediate environs. CAMP The Flying Historians will pay a return visit to provide an overview of CAMP in moving pictures.

English Heritage will help us uncover the links with other medieval safe houses on the royal circuit and share their aspirations today for the Castle in the Community.

As the Reministorians reveal their secrets of Edible England in the nineteen forties and Fffties, we will research the Edibles that enabled Col John Boys to feed his Royalist garrison under siege from the forces of Parliament in the sixteen forties that lasted as long as the pandemic. We will also enquire whether the bill of £5281.18s as stated in a petition from the inhabitatnst of Donnington to the Parliament for the value of the properties destroyed was ever paid.

Pre-booking advised. Booking opens 18th August and closes 17th September. For further information and to book, go to the website:


Saturday, 18 September 2021 - 2:30pm to 4:30pm
Event location: 
St Mary's Church
Church Road
Shaw, Newbury
RG14 2DR
United Kingdom